John Kabasakalis is a television cameraman  who will deliver what you want, the way you want. And if your plans are a little fuzzy, John’s experience will ensure your product delivers the knockout punch you weren’t sure how to implement.

John Kabasakalis with the Luhu Tribe

John has worked with countless clients: from those who need a sharp eye and firm hand, to those who need guidance from someone with 25 years behind the lens.

John brings a comfort factor to the job: dedicated, conscientious, committed to excellence at every turn. He is relentless about getting the best shot, creative about resolving problems, and visionary about the big picture. His clients trust him to get the job done.

No other photographer brings as much to the job:  his skills as a cameraman, an editor, a reporter, a producer; his innate curiosity about all things news and current affairs.   John is more than a photographer: he is a partner, vested in making your project the best it can be.

(PANAMA, CENTRAL AMERICA) Crossing the Panama Canal on top of one of the lock gates that swing open and shut to allow ships to slowly pass.

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